1930s Swedish Herbarium Specimen - Meadow Saxifrage

1930s Swedish Herbarium Specimen - Meadow Saxifrage

Beautiful vintage Swedish herbarium page featuring a meadow saxifrage specimen, artfully pressed and well preserved on heavy paper. Each specimen has a large Art Deco bordered label with handwritten notes.

I’ve come across many herbariums, and it’s always a special treat when the creator takes great care to preserve the specimens in an attractive way, with artful flourishes of roots and stems and careful mounting.

This particular specimen was collected in Västervik, Sweden in 1932.

Good condition; tapes and specimen are still intact. Some light warping to lower edge and some staining/smudging to label.

Page measures 9 1/2” x 15 7/8”, and is shipped in pH-neutral backing board and sealed clear envelope, keeping it protected until you are ready to frame! 

Handle specimens with care, keeping completely flat when removing it from its protective envelope. At over 90 years old, the slightest bend to the page can break or dislodge the specimen. 

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